Tips for Finding the Best Desk Fan

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Whether you are in an office or at your personal desk, you would like to have a very simple way to cool off. Whether you are working on your term paper, working on a book, or you’re working on stuff you have to do for work, you’d like a little fan that is small enough to cool you off but is quiet enough so it doesnt bother anybody else around you. Most importantly, it must not take too much space, and it has to be non-obtrusive. The fan should cool you off without being noisy or burdensome.

If you’re in the market for a great desk fan, its a great idea to look for that desk fan online. If you’re going look for it offline you’re probably gonna waste a lot of gas, time, and effort hitting the pavement looking for the right desk fan. Its a very common scenario. You go to a house ware or department store looking for desk fan and they don’t have it and you go to another store down the road, and across town and they might have something that you may be interested in. It just takes too much time and effort and at the end of the day you dont walk off with the right desk fan.

Going online saves a lot of the hassle. Basically, with just a few keystrokes and a few clicks of your mouse you can scan many different stores, and guess what? No gasses involved, because they ship directly to your home, no mess, no hassle, no fuss. So here are some tips on how to look for a desk fan online.

Find the online retailer that has the huge amount of desk fan selections. Not all online retailers are the same. Some online retailers are niche retailers, they just focus on a particular brand or a particular type of desk fan. This may or may not work for you, so go through a long list of online retailers and chances are, you would find the right desk fan. The better the selection, the better it is for you, because no selection means no choice.

Regardless of which online retailer you go with for your desk fan, make sure that you pick the retailer who has the right customer support features. Number one, they have to have a generous return or refund system. Not all retailers are quite generous with their refunds. The truth is, retailers ship the wrong product, send a defective product, or in some way or form screw up your order. You need to have some form of protection against this particular contingency. So the more customer support features you find, the better.

Most importantly, the retailer must give you many ways of getting in touch with them. Insist on a retailer that has a phone, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, wide range to get a hold of them. If the company just says email us, thats a red flag. Number three, shipping costs must be clear. The Achilles heel of many online retailers is the shipping cost. A lot of them are not very transparent about it, so it’s very clear that you have to look for a desk fan seller that clearly spells out their shipping cost. If they are quite vague or ambiguous about the shipping cost or you find out about the shipping cost once you click the checkout button, you might want to close the window and find a better retailer.

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