Chinchilla Dust Bath How To Choose A Good One

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Chinchillas are originated in the mountains of South America. As a result of their natural surroundings, these petite animals have had to adapt to the Andes Mountains and learn how to clean their pelt without the resources many other animals have. A chinchilla in its natural habitat has to wash itself in the volcanic ash on the mountain. This is referred to as a dust bath. The chinchilla utilizes the dust bath to clean its fur. The ash enables this luxurious fur to stay clean and smooth. Many people believe that the chinchilla enjoys the dust bath also.

If you have never given your chinchilla a dust bath, you may be somewhat intimidated, but don’t be. A dust bath is essential to their care. Don’t succumb to the temptation to just put the chinchilla in water and clean it like a regular pet. Water harms the chinchilla’s fur. Your chinchilla’s coat includes natural oils which fulfill several purposes. The oils help the chinchilla to maintain their own body temperature and it protects their skin from irritation and injury. The dust bath without a doubt is the best way to help care for your chinchilla.

A quick trip to the pet store will yield you some chinchilla dust. This product is similar to the natural volcanic ash your chinchilla is accustomed to using to wash himself. Do not use sand or powder designed for humans. Even if you think they feel the same to you, they will not be as effective. The ash the chinchilla uses in its natural habitat has special properties, and it will step down into the chinchilla fur. This dust will penetrate into their skin and help clean and maintain the health of your chinchilla.

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Red Devil Cichlid – Personality And More

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The red devil cichlid also known as Amphilophus labiatus, is originally from Central America. This cichlid is considered a medium to large cichlid often growing 10-12 inches in their lifetime. Males are often larger and develop a hump on their head as they age. First, please understand that I didnt write the article to deter anyone from owning this cichlid. I write this article to share with you the personality of the red devil cichlid in hopes that you will be more educated about this freshwater tropical fish and not be shocked when you see how aggressive it can be.

Many people bring home their new red devil cichlid not knowing the true personality it possesses. Red devil cichlids are usually purchased between 2-3 inches and will grow rather fast the first year or so. Many people start off by introducing their new cichlid to a community setup with other fish. During this first year, aquarium tank owners often start missing fish and having mysterious deaths in the tanks. Tank owners usually begin noticing fights breaking out and their red devil chasing other fish.
This is the time that most devil owners come to the conclusion that this cichlid may not get along with much of anything. If you are thinking this, you are just about right. The red devil often will not tolerate any tank mates. As they get older and larger, they usually become more aggressive. The time comes to where some owners actually trade in their fish if they local fish store will take them back. Over the years I have seen many large red devils in our local fish stores because they became too aggressive and the owners did not want to dedicate a tank solely for it.

I hope you choose to keep your red devil cichlid even if you have to dedicate an entire tank for just him. To keep the red devil cichlid happy, you need to provide plenty of hiding spots such as driftwood, rocks, caves, clay planting pots and artificial plants. Since red devils like to dig, live plants usually end up destroyed. If you attempt to introduce a mate for the red devil, do so with the lights turned out and keep an eye out for any aggression. I would recommend having a tank divider set up in the middle so that you can introduce the new mate on one side and keep your original red devil safely on the other side. This way they can get use to each other without killing one another. When you do put them together, watch closely and be ready to pull one and separate them. Often the red devil will not tolerate one of the opposite sex. If you wish to breed the red devil, I would strongly suggest purchasing multiple juveniles and raise them up together. Slowly begin removing the odd-fish-out until you notice a pair bond. This is hit or miss and often people have no success.

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Server Room Temperature Control Tips

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The worst way to find out that your server room temperature is not optimum can be a sudden server shut down because of over heating. Although you can always do the damage control and get servers back online in a short time, the sudden disruption could cost you greatly in terms of business efficiency and productivity. It makes good business sense to be prepared for worst situations, but it is even more important to take proper measures to prevent such things from occurring in the first place.

To maintain smooth and efficient functioning of server equipment, maintaining the right ambient temperature is very important. You will get optimum performance and disruption free operation of a server only if proper temperature is maintained in the server room. Although it is well known that servers need air conditioning, the matter doesnt end here. How much air conditioning is required and what is the right temperature to be maintained, are questions, which must be answered to prevent any unexpected server crashes.

Ideally, the server room should have a temperature of 65F to 75F. This will ensure that your equipment works at its peak performance at all times. You will need a reliable and efficient air conditioning system to maintain the server room temperature in the right range.

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Towels – The Essential Luxury Home Furnishing

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Towels are essential products in our daily wardrobe. You need them every morning right till the end of the way to keep yourself dry. Hence, you need a good towel which gives a soft and luxurious feel to your skin. Towels also help you to keep you warm after a nice bath. While choosing the right towel, you need to keep a few things in mind. The loops in the fabric allow the towel to absorb water. First and foremost, the fabric should be comfortable and compatible with your skin. A good quality fibre adds to the towels durability and the power of absorbency. Some of the common fibres used are Egyptian cotton, Micro cotton, Pima cotton, Turkish cotton, etc. Light and fluffy towels feel soft to your skin as they have longer loops that add fluffiness to the same. Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt’s warm climate. With its extra-long, fibrous threads, this fluffy fibre is highly absorbent as well as breathable, thereby contributing to its durability. Micro cotton fabric is known for its high-quality and long-staple cotton fiber which gives it a soft and fluffy feel along with excellent absorbency. Pima cotton, also known as Supima is a superior blend of cotton and a common fibre for towels for its strength and durability. Its rich, extra-long staple fibres account for their durability. Another variant of Pima cotton known as the Peruvian Pima cotton, grows along the coast of Peru. The rich soil makes the cotton perfectly moist, soft and smooth. With its extra long staple, the fibre is less likely to shed as much lint as some of the other types. Hence, it is a great choice for people with sensitive skin. These properties make a Peruvian cotton towel ideal for gym. Grown exclusively in Turkey, Turkish cotton is a premium cotton featuring an extra-long staple. This long staple creates a towel with a high level of comfort, absorbency and durability along with fast-dry quality. You also need to consider the weight of the Towel before making a purchase. It is measured in terms of GSM (grams per square meter) which is the density of the towel. Lower the GSM, thinner the towel, thus leading to a faster wear and tear. Towels which have higher GSM are of superior quality. You can choose towels according to your needs. You can get bath towel of a bigger size, hand-wash towel of a comparatively smaller size or a towel handkerchief for that matter. In order to maintain the hygiene, you need to take care of your towels. If you over-stuff your washing machines, there is a high chance that your towel will not get the best results. If your towel is white, clean it in hot water and you should occasionally wash them with chlorine bleach to remove stains and kill bacteria. Use warm water for coloured towel to prevent bleeding of the colours and do not bleach. Fabric softeners are not made for towels as they will lose their absorbency. It always helps to rinse a new towel into the washing machine and add a cup of vinegar, which increases the absorbency of the towels. Buy a comfortable towelBath Linen which loves your skin and gives you the much-needed luxury after bath.

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Hire An Interior Design Company To Make Your House A Home

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Have you been dreaming of that perfect abode that you would want to call your home, however your lack of creative ideas hinders you from making your dream to a reality? Then it is time to hire a professional company to help you through your ordeal. They will not only make your house a home, but definitely a home worthy to be called your own. With so many types of interior design company out there, it will be your primary concern in choosing the best among the rest to achieve your goal.

But before you do begin the process of weighing your options, it would be wise on your part to also start your research on the various interior designs you may want to have for your own home. If you know what you want, your interior designer will not have a hard time to materialize the concept in your head. That is why; it is very important to have open and easy communications with your desiger so as that they would know what would be your likes and dislikes. Remember, this is your home therefore, everything must be within your own personal preference. A good interior design company knows how to bring to life the design you have in mind and enhance it for a best end-result.

It would be very good on your part to do a little research as well on the profile of the company you are about to hire. Make sure that they know what they are doing, meaning, all their staff are competent and professionals. Also, the company must be able to provide you portfolios of past works to give you an idea on how their finish products look like. And lastly, consider the fact that a good design firm should have accolades and acknowledgments in their works, to make you want to hire them in the first place.

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