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Today without Home Furnishings, a home looks incomplete, without home furnishings no one can able to decorate their homes, it gives totally a new & awesome look to the interior zone. If your home furnishings are eye catching then even your guests feel much more relax and feel comfortable at your residence. In old days it is very challenging task to get home furnishings as per your desire. But thanks to advancement in online shopping arena as now you can easily access to your favorite furnishings at many online stores. Usually silk fabric, cotton fabric, jute fabric are the textiles fabrics used in home furnishing. From many some of the most common home textile products are as follows.

Bed Sheets
Bed sheets or Bed Spreads, most commonly used to cover mattresses, bedclothes and bedcovers. There are two varieties of bed sheets flat & fitted, usually materials include in bed sheets are cotton, linen, satin, rayon, etc. In old times mostly people use bed sheets just in white but today various colors and patterns are available.

Blankets keep us warm in winter season, especially while relaxing. It is different from sheets by their thickness and purpose. Blankets are plushy and most often prepared from wool. It comes in massive range of categories namely, Embroidered Blankets, Cotton Blankets, Crochet Blankets, Fur Blankets, etc.

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Life Casting Using Alginate

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Alginate Moulding Compound
Alginate is primarily used for making moulds of body parts eg. Hands, Feet, Faces etc. It is very quick setting and will pick up fine detail. It is seaweed based and is non toxic. The dust from alginate (as with any dust) can be a respiratory hazard and precautions should be taken to avoid inhalation

Basic Instructions
Powder/Water Ratio = 1 to 1 ie. 1 cup of Alginate to 1 cup of Cold Water
1) Measure out required quantities
2) Place alginate in a clean dry bowl
3) Add water slowly and begin mixing. Mix vigourously to break down
any lumps. It should have a similar consitency to porridge.
4) Working time is approx 1-2 minutes. You will need to work quickly to
make your mould.
5) When set, you will need to cast plaster into the mould as soon as
possible as your mould will start to break down quickly.
6) When plaster has set remove alginate taking care not to break any
delicate parts.
Chromatic alginate will go purple when mixed, when set it will turn to white.

Moulds made from alginate will need to be supported. If taking a mould of a hand this can be done by pouring alginate into a jug or similar vessel and then sink hand into it. Tap to remove any air bubbles. When set alginate is very flexible so you will be able to carefully pull hand out. The jug will provide support. If taking a cast of a face or torso, when the alginate has set, apply a couple of layers of modroc over the top to form the support when

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Calculate Your Lo Shu Number

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Hsia Yu was a famous Chinese prehistoric personality. One day he came across some very interesting markings on the shell of a giant tortoise. The giant tortoise came out from the River Lo in Central China. This became Lo Shu. The word ‘Lo’ means river and the term ‘Shu’ indicate books. Different Lo Shu numbers indicates different directions which are believed to be auspicious.

Feng Shui helps one analyze their destiny with regards to the Five Chinese Elements. The five elements as per the Feng Shui are:
a. Earth
b. Water
c. Fire
d. Wood, and
e. Metal

Lo Shu Numbers and the auspicious directions:
1 – North
2 – Southwest
3 – East
4 – Southeast
5- Central
6 – Northwest
7 – West
8 – Northeast
9 – South.

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What Type Of Habitat Do Hermit Crabs Have

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Pets require extra TLC, so they can live and remain healthy. Some pets need high maintenance, specifically those that need regular ckeck-ups to the veterinarian. However, others are easy to care for. As an example, a hermit crab does not need frequent check-ups or medication. This type of creature is pleased with only a few essential things you put inside its glass tank. Typically, the hermit crab can live long when it has a spacious box with fine sand and a few shells or even plastic plants. In case you plan to own a pet hermit crab, these are some tips on how to take care of this interesting creature.

First of all, you need to set up the hermit crab’s home. You will need some items such as a large glass tank with a screen top, fine sand, and some shells. It would also be wonderful to put in some plastic plants that the hermit crab can play with. It is important to put the right amount of sand in the aquarium. Ideally, there must be about 3 inches of sand from the bottom of the tank. Your hermit crab can already have a wonderful time burrowing with that amount of sand. Driftwood is another important item to have in the tank, which the hermit crab can nimble on. It is also a great idea to adorn the aquarium with a few shells.

Just like any pet, a hermit crab needs regular supply of water for nourishment. You should ensure that the drinking water you give your hermit crab is chlorine free because the chemical is bad for your hermit crab’s health. You can buy chlorine remover from various pet stores. But, before applying it, you must read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions well.

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Decorating Around Black Leather Furniture

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Black leather furniture is a highly ideal option to go for when it comes to interior decoration. The fabric is very durable, making it long-lasting and appropriate for children and pets. It may be pricier than a lot of other fabrics, but it’s worth it for the benefits. Generally, the black shiny surface of such furniture goes well with almost any color (if not all colors). This means you can just focus on how much of a contrast you want there to be, rather than worrying what will and won’t go with your black leather furniture.

You have to be careful with decorating when it comes to what you want to achieve though. The furniture can be overpowering, so if you don’t want this then you just have to choose the surrounding decoration wisely, such as the colors of the walls, lamps, curtains, etc. The color tones you choose should be preferably a medium tone, and this creates a good balance and the furniture won’t feel too over the top. With white walls it can stand out too much, and with dark tones there may not be enough contrast to really lift the room. Keep in mind that shades of gray can go well with the black leather furniture, but again, not too dark.

If you’re looking for a balance between masculine and feminine, be sure to add reds, pinks and purples to the room perhaps in the form of cushions and blankets that you can place onto the furniture. This contrast works effectively if you really are trying to achieve something that is neither too masculine nor too feminine. Another great tip is to have lamps, vases, and other items that match the surrounding colors of the room but also contain black. This keeps the color palette consistent throughout the room. If you look around enough, you should be able to find appropriate accents.

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